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January 2008

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My Kids...

Here's a little bit on the kiddos:

Dak has a doodling habit.  Seems to me to be typical boy stuff.  I realize there is an elevated sensitivity in our post Columbine world, but please... 

My friend Thad sent me this cartoon, said it reminded him of me.  Very true.  I was told that Dakota is threatening other kids... and that his threats are very graphic, not just I'll kill you, but vivid descriptions of how.  To me, it was hard not to tell him that I find it a sign of his wonderful imagination.  Yes, I know, he shouldn't be threatening people...  
He's brilliant, has always been brilliant, and hey... they gave him a standardized achievement test and came back with one of the highest scores in his class, so maybe just maybe they've gotten the bulletin.  I've been fighting them off on the whole ADD thing for years.  Their solution is to medicate, and I explained to them that I've raised an ADD child, I have a good understanding of ADD, and I don't think that Dak has it.  They protest when you tell them they're under-stimulating a child.  Everyone should be enthralled by simple concepts.  Dak is not.  Never has been.  
So when Dak called me yesterday beaming about the test results, I felt a sense of satisfaction.  Now they're going to place him in the gifted and talented program, and I think this may turn him around. 
He's having some adjustment issues... I know it's a big life change in some ways, but in many ways, it shouldn't be so shocking.  As I said, I've really been going it alone for years.  B would come home to sleep and that was it for the most part.  So now he's not there sleeping, he's jetting about with E.  I've finally gotten a permanent position at work (more on that later) which carries benefits, and I'll be able to get him counseling.
I'm not thrilled with the new school district.  Its quite a change from the old school district.  My friend Pat who gave me the overpriced lawyer referral said really it benefited him in the end to have been in a more ethnically and socially diverse environment.  
Cyrena already is in the gifted and talented program.  On her first day in her new school in math class her teacher looked at her grades from her previous school's high school level Algebra class, scoffed at her 'C' and told her she wasn't ready for that class.  She now has the highest grade in her class and she's leading her entire team.  I'm pretty proud of her.  She's very mature most days, and she has truly rolled with the punches through all of this.